The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Shahid Sadegh Ganji Hospital has been one of the active parts of this center.
The friendly and dignified treatment of new mothers and patients is one of the most important policies in this area. If, according to a survey, there is complete satisfaction with the staffing, facilities and cleaning staff, which has led to mothers after discharge. , Recommend Moorfar Hospital to others. Now pregnant mothers come to the hospital from far away for delivery.

In addition to therapeutic and care services, maternal and obstetric issues also give special attention to educational issues. Students and their fellows are trained in a simple and understandable way for mother and baby care, and they are even guided by educational brochures at home. This section has desirable and standardized facilities and equipment for care and well-being that is run by experienced specialists and nursing staff.
Name responsible for the department: Sakineh Kafai
Responsible department post: Midwife
Degree Responsible Department: Midwifery Expert
Number of Staff:
Female doctor: 4 people Midwife: 14 people
1- Reception and treatment of emergency women, trauma, risk and ...
2. Caring for delivery and postpartum care
3. Physical and obstetric examinations of pregnant mothers
4. Teaching midwifery students and hospitalized mothers
Name responsible for the department: Sakineh Kafai
Organizational post: Midwife
Degree: Midwifery expert
Number of Staff:
Female doctor: 4 people Midwife: 14 people

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Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran