Hospital Administration


Name and surname: Dr. Zohreh Bojli
Specialty: Internist
Phone number: 07734260021
Fax: 07734260018
1. Participate in committees and meetings and provide practical scientific and practical solutions for improving and improving the quality of services.
2. Conduct and coordinate the educational, administrative, research, and therapeutic activities of the hospital
3. Announcing corrective suggestions and comments on the activities of the hospital and sending them to the relevant authorities
4. Proposed annual hospital budget and cost monitoring
5. The responsibility and supervision of the hospital's financial and administrative affairs
6. Selection of competent and competent authorities in different parts of the hospital
7. Supervise the correct care of the patient
8. Monitor the forecasting of manpower and other hospital needs and recommend it to the authorities at the university
9. Supervise the performance of hospital management and director of nursing and other supervised staff
10. Control and monitor the performance of the supervisory units
11-Appointment and dismissal of staff
12. Participate in seminars and congresses and report to superiors
13. Attracting external cooperation
14. Supervise the good conduct of the hospital's policy in the form of university strategic policies and the responsibility of the hospital to run the approved programs of the university and the board of trustees.

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